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Anthem of the Hydrogeologists of the World

👉 Recording (MP3)


I am a hydrogeologist working so hard
Heavy metal is pounding in my heart
Heavy metal(s) dissolved, precipitated
Hard rock is fractured – or break it!
Refrain: Groundwater 3× Oooh
Alternative refrain: Hard rock hydrogeology
And now hard and fast!
Is here some fucking-hydro-fucking-geologist? OK, so now I want you to sing with me this ONE word, … or maybe TWO1). This is your work, this is your business, this is your life: groundwater.

For those working in fractured media: I know how hard it is to get all that shit out of there. So for you guys – an alternative refrain!

Chords: aFGE

FREEZE, R. Allan, 1987. Groundwater is probably one word (or maybe two), more or less: an allegory. Ground Water. 25(2), 219–219. ISSN 1745-6584. 10.1111/j.1745-6584.1987.tb02879.x
Last modified: 2022-11-11