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Environmental data management and analytics

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Environmental data management and analysis

Environmental informatics for non-programmers (to use geoscientific data and information effectively)

  • data structures, relational databases, standards and formats for geoscientific data exchange
  • geographical information system (geodata, formats, desktop client, map services, data interpolation, geodata analysis)
  • tools for data integration, reporting, visualization and analysis
  • environmental data management software, decision support systems
  • scientific data management

🔒data management plan, IoT networks for environmental monitoring

IT skills

  • Windows automation with AutoHotkey
  • Webdesign (WordPress)
  • Video recording with OBS Studio (without consequent editing)
  • General IT

Groundwater modelling

Flow, transport and geochemical modelling

  • general issues: uncertainty classification and assessment, simplicity and complexity
  • model development (perceptual, conceptual and procedural model; model ensembles)
  • assumptions and limitations
  • application software (MODFLOW based models, ModelMuse, PHREEQC)
  • case studies using multiple hypotheses qantified by simple models:
    • interaction of groundwater and surface water (flow to surface quarry; interpretation of river discharge; groundwater model for flood protection design; influence of weir on groundwater quality);
    • groundwater pollution (transport)

Information literacy

To retrieve, process, manage and produce scientific literature; methodology of science

  • scientific communication and publishing (structure, forms)
  • electronic information resources (databases, domain-specific resources, publishers, aggregators, citation indexes, patents, libraries, gray literature)
  • citing and referencing, reference manager (Zotero), online syndication
  • assessment of information resources, scientometry
  • methodology of science, critical thinking
  • intellectual property, licenses

🔒 academic writing, ethics

Last modified: 2022-11-11