Správa a analýza dat o životním prostředí
Environmental data management and analysis

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Interns from the whole world are cordially welcome! Working with us is a great opportunity to enjoy the Czech Republic, new friends, to learn something useful and to use earth-science data for public benefit. That is the work-life balance :-). We offer a great opportunity to find your place between programming, data science and clicking fancy icons; between visualizing data and mining deep knowledge from the data. We collaborate with different organisations: we get data from them and we use the approach developed within HgIS to process it.

Example of specific projects:

  • public data harvesting (hydrology and meteorology time series)
  • measurement device data processing (characterisation of nanoparticles)
  • influence of flood and flood protection on groundwater (archive data, data from measurement devices, predicting groundwater response of a flood by e.g. artificial neural networks)

Environmental data processing and analysis

Description: Environmental data extraction (hydrology, meteorology, geology), transformation, loading to the database. Data management (e.g. automatic detection of errors and anomalies by the implementation of published algorithms), data visualization (graphs, dashboards, reports, maps) and analysis (statistics, models). Using Pentaho Platform or your preferred tools (our colleagues have experiences with R and Python and they can help you). The intern should add new input data to HgIS and utilize it.

Prerequisite: Previous knowledge and experiences are not needed however the background in geoscience, data science or computer science is useful. The theme will be specified according to your preferences. You can also bring your own environmental data you want to work with.

Sensor network

Design, develop and test a simple automated system for the environmental monitoring. Use cheap components with low energy consumption. Components can be: sensors (temperature, air humidity, air pressure, water saturation of soils, water pressure, water level exceedance – float, precipitation, insolation), microcontroller (ESP), IoT network (e.g. Sigfox), Bluetooth for communication within the network.

Další informace ve zdroji https://temata.tul.cz Co by dělali stážisti * Povodeň (archiv, Pluhi) * Sklízení dat veřejných zdrojů * Export do standardizovaných formátů (to chce češtinu) * Detekce anomálií v časových řadách, detekce chyb

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Last modified: 2019-05-09