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Groundwater Modelling Tools

Online groundwater tools (calculators)

Excel Add-ins for data processing

Microsoft Power Query for Excel (in Excel 2016 and later – available directly: Data → Get & Transform Data):
cross table (pivot table) to list (normalization) – details.

ASAP utilities
My favourite tools in ASAP Utilities

  1. SepHydro for hydrograph separation [using 11 algorithms];
  2. ETCalc for the estimation of evapotranspiration forms [using 8 methods];
  3. SWIB for crop water stress, soil water balance, irrigation requirements and impact on aquifer storage;
  4. SNOSWAB for soil water content and soil water balance;
  5. RECHARGE BUDDY for groundwater recharge (Water Table Fluctuation method);
  6. SNOWFALL BUDDY for precipitation partitioning into snowfall and rainfall.
Last modified: 2024-07-19