Správa a analýza dat o životním prostředí
Environmental data management and analysis

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HgIS Information System

HgIS provides environmental data management and modelling with BI and GIS focused on groundwater.

czech Laboratory information management system LIMS
Archive of the Czech Geological Survey Geofond
Czech geological IS gdBase
legacy systems RockWorks
diverse tables e.g. in MS Excel tables
archival boreholes in MS Word Geobanka
machine-generated text exports dataloggers …
databases and anything else (EDD) your data in any format


storing data in the relational database

input -> storage -> output


outputs in MS Exceloutputs in MS Word tables, graphs
outputs in MS Exceloutputs in MS Wordborehole profiles
geological cross-sections
GIS maps

(all on the web or by e-mail)

Purpose of HgIS is to load environmental data from any available data sources (also semi-structured data), to visualize and analyze data and to implement models based on the data. HgIS handles different kinds of data (observations, spatial interpretations, documents and other files). HgIS uses the tools (mainly Pentaho) that enable “power users” to customize and extend the system. The architecture of the system corresponds to a spatial business intelligence solution (GeoBI) – a combination of BI and GIS. Therefore it can be used also for geographical analyses and management of big data sets. BI technologies and tools have not been applied to groundwater data before. Groundwater practitioners have worked with GIS software for decades but not with BI tools. Our effort is to introduce BI to the groundwater community.

Screenshots Online map application

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Last modified: 2020-10-15