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Pentaho Platform – BI   Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle)   PostgreSQL – database DBeaver – database manager + (R – programming language  QGIS – geographical information system Nextcloud – alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive)

HgIS applies BI tools (Pentaho platform) and GIS for groundwater domain. Technologies and tools used in HgIS are listed here.

Pentaho platform

Pentaho platform

Pentaho platform is a set of business intelligence tools.

Pentaho Platform components and typical deployment

It contains following components (download from SourceForge):

Machine Intelligence (blog post) utilizes engines: R, Python, Weka or Deeplearning4j (Java with GPU Nvidia).

Adaptive Execution Layer (AEL) runs transformations not only locally or on the Pentaho Server, but also on Spark. Dále Pentaho supports also cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure (Cloud agnostic analytic pipeline). Alternative to AEL is Apache Beam.

Pentaho platform is built on

PostgreSQL / PostGIS

Other GIS tools

  • QGIS – desktop GIS
  • QGIS Server – map server
  • EnviroInsite – advanced hydrogeological visualization. The company developing EI was acquired by the corporation developing EQuIS (EarthSoft). It does not plan to develop the standalone EI.2) Therefore we plan to replace EI probably by QGIS with the Midvatten or FREEWAT3) plugin.

For detailed information go to the Czech version of this site.

Acronym means: Kettle Extraction, Transformation, Transportation and Loading Environment.
"EarthSoft will release new versions of the desktop EnviroInsite in EQuIS Professional, but does not currently plan to release new versions of non-EQuIS versions of EnviroInsite."
The AkvaGIS tools enhance FREEWAT with hydrochemical and hydrogeological data processing and analysis.
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