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Who is inspiring us, what are we doing better

HgIS is an EDMS – Environmental Data Management Software. Such software is being developed by many companies:

EQuIS   ESdat     Kisters   ribeka   Tetra Tech EarthFX     WISUTEC AL.VIS     Waterloo Hydrogeologic   DHI   EnviroData   Seequent (former GeoSoft)   Groundswell Technologies   gINT   acQuire   ddms   Locus   QNOPY     GAEA   Seveno (not available anymore)   VOEIS   Aquatic Informatics   eRAMS  

Major EDMS produced by those companies are:

Other EDMS are: Hydstra (Kisters), Project Portal (ddms), EPIPHINY (Summit Envirosolutions), Virtual Observatory and Ecological Informatics System (VOEIS), eRAMS (Colorado State University), eSymon, H+ (Réseau National de Sites Hydrogéologiques), GWSDAT (Shiny) (Wayne Jones), MIKE INFO – former IMS – Information Management System (DHI), DataSight (Seveno), MonitorPro (EHS Data), DATALAB (Waterlabs), Geological Data Management Software (Datamine), GEMS (GEOVIA), Enterprise Integration (MineRP), Water Resources Database, EQWin (EQWin® Software Inc.), ChemPoint (Starpoint Software) and AQUARIUS (Aquatic Informatics). Some of those do not have geology. gdBase from GD Software is mostly used in the Czech Republic.

Those tools usually have an excellent graphical user interface and can import dozens of data exchange formats. But they are not flexible enough to create new data imports because they do not contain an easy-to-use highly adaptable ETL (extract, transform and load) module. Some existing EDMS contain some reporting engine (e.g., Tableau, SSRS, Telerik, or Crystal Reports) or even Power BI to create high-quality reports. Without an ETL module, they cannot efficiently combine data operations (e.g. aggregation), analyses, and simple visualization (reporting).

HgIS overcomes those shortcomings. Its main competitive advantages are: HgIS is easily extensible (automated data import of new formats) and focused on data analysis and modeling.

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Last modified: 2024-03-14